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STEP-BUD Tarnów Wyroby z metalu

STEP-BUD Tarnów / Pilzno

We offer metal processing services for individual and corporate clients

STEP-BUD Tarnów Wyroby z metalu

We undertake tailor-made projects

Our company have been offering high-quality welding services for over 16 years, providing comprehensive support and individual approach for each customer

STEP-BUD Tarnów Wyroby z metalu

A wide range of steel products

Discover our extensive selection of steel products offered to customers in Poland and all over the world

Solidity STEP-BUD Michał Budzik



is an inherent element of the projects we carry out.

Tenacity STEP-BUD Michał Budzik



rooted in quality as the cornerstone of our products.

Elegance STEP-BUD Michał Budzik



is harmonious complement to solidity and tenacity, forming a unique whole.

Professionalism STEP-BUD Michał Budzik



and passion are our principles paving the path to perfection.

Metalware manufacturer

STEP-BUD is a dynamically developing company that began its operations in 2008 and has been steadily advancing ever since.

Specializing in metal goods production, we offer a wide range of products such as driveway sliding gates, double-leaf gates, fence panels, garden gates, balustrades, patio canopies, carports, shelters and variety of metal products, including industrial furniture.

Our focus on modernity and reliability allows us to maintain high quality of our products and meets all requirements of the most challenging projects.

Producent wyrobów metalowych STEP-BUD
Michał Budzik STEP-BUD Tarnów

Metal Craftsmanship

Metalworking is our hallmark, supported by a guarantee of solidity - excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail are our priorities, resulting in durable and precise products.

Whether it's an abstract installation, functional furniture, or decorative detail, our projects reflect the passion we have for transforming metal into unique forms.

Regardless of the complexity of the project, the experience and skills of our team allow us to combine metal in a reliable and aesthetic manner. We prioritize the latest welding technologies, ensuring the durability and strength of weld joints.

Fences Driveway gates Garden gates

Our company is an expert in the field of fences, driveway gates and garden gates. We provide comprehensive services, including design, installation, and service.

We offer classic, and modern fences, with the option of gate automation installation, prioritizing both the convenience and safety of our customers.

Every completed project comes with a two-year warranty. We also provide maintenance services for the constructed facilities.

Fences Driveway gates Garden gates Tarnów Pilzno
 Internal and external balustrades Tarnów Pilzno

Internal and external balustrades

Our offer also includes staircase balustrades for internal use, as well as weather-resistant balustrades designed for external usage.

We offer a wide selection of balustrades, ranging from elegant and classic designs to innovative, minimalist projects that perfectly fit to the latest trends.

Constructions Canopies Carports

Metal constructions, canopies, and carports provide a solid and durable protection against adverse weather conditions, offering effective shelter from wind, rain, snow, and sun.

Made from high-quality materials they guarantee functionality and offer an aesthetic appearance.

Their versatility makes them essential in both residential and industrial environments.

Constructions Canopies Carports Tarnów Pilzno


Powder coating

Powder coating is a process in which a powdered paint is applied to the surface of a product. Subsequently, it undergoes thermal processing, where the powder melts and forms a durable paint coating.

This technique is used for painting a variety of elements, from metal constructions to furniture and interior design elements.

It is characterized by exceptional durability and resistance to weather conditions and allows for achieving various color and structural effects.

Powder coating Tarnów Pilzno
Examples of finished projects
Steel construction - terrace roof STEP-BUD Michał Budzik

The steel construction ensures durability and weather resistance. Combined with toughened glass, the space becomes not only safe but also stylish and elegant.

The basis of the roof canopy is a steel profile with dimensions of 100x100x4 mm. The structure underwent a process of hot-dip galvanizing and powder coating, providing effective protection against corrosion and giving it an aesthetic appearance that perfectly harmonizes with the architecture of the city of Tarnów.

The main element of this canopy is toughened VSG ESG glass. Thanks to the unique combination of two layers of glass, we obtain a material of exceptional strength, resistance to damage, and safety in use.

The terrace canopy provides protection from intense sunlight, rain, or wind, making the space accessible almost always. It's an ideal solution for outdoor enthusiasts who want to enjoy the terrace regardless of the weather conditions.

The canopy, gazebo with remote opening function. STEP-BUD Michał Budzik

Presented construction is an excellent combination of modern design and durable materials. It has been entirely made of aluminum, which is characterized by low weight and high durability. Aluminum is resistant to corrosion, meaning that the gazebo will not be damaged by rust or other degradation processes associated with moisture.

The canopy of the gazebo has been equipped with a remote opening function. It allows the user to adjust the amount of sunlight and the level of shading according to their preferences. This enables the creation of perfect conditions for relaxation while reading a book or socializing with friends.

LED lighting and decorative garlands make the gazebo a unique place not only during the day but also in the evening. These subtle details create a pleasant atmosphere, perfect for romantic evenings...

CNC fence, galvanized and powder coated STEP-BUD Michał Budzik

Modern and practical CNC fence, made of 3 mm thick galvanized and powder-coated metal. Resistant to corrosion and other damages resulting from external factors.

The pattern has been precisely cut by CNC laser, giving the fencing a modern appearance while retaining durability and full functionality.

An exceptional feature of this fencing is the gate with a folding opening system, which takes up very little space. This solution works perfectly on small yards where optimal use of space is crucial. It's an excellent way to maximize the use of available space without compromising on aesthetics and convenience.

Modern stair railing STEP-BUD Michał Budzik

A staircase balustrade represents an incredibly attractive and functional solution. The metal railings, being a key element of this structure, catch the eye with their elegant design. Carefully selected metal perfectly complements the other decor elements, creating a cohesive arrangement.

The modern design of the balustrade is not only a practical solution but also an expression of attention to detail. Through the harmonious combination of durability, lightness, and aesthetics, the staircase balustrade brings not only a safety element but also a unique stylish accent to the interior of the home, emphasizing the modern character of the space.

Roof made of glass and powder-coated steel STEP-BUD Michał Budzik

The construction is based on high-quality galvanized steel, powder-coated for added durability. For the top material of the canopy, safe tempered glass was used, which maintains natural sunlight in the space and meets the highest safety standards.

The implementation of this project meticulously considered building regulations, aiming to ensure not only functionality but also user safety. Construction was created to perfectly fulfill its protective role while also serving as an aesthetic and modern addition to the public space.

A modern garden gate with a pillar featuring illuminated house number. STEP-BUD Michał Budzik

An elegant garden gate panel, which is a combination of a solid construction, modern technologies, and aesthetic design. The main structural element is a sturdy pillar, with a video intercom, a pass-through mailbox, and internally illuminated house number.

The panel with a wide-angle camera and proximity reader not only enhances the residents' security but also provides comfort and convenience. Additionally, the mailbox allows for mail retrieval without the need to open the garden gate, which is incredibly convenient and practical for residents.

The whole setup is complemented by internally illuminated house number. This is a functional solution that not only facilitates the identification of the property but also adds charm and a modern character to the surrounding architecture.

Driveway horizontal sliding gate STEP-BUD Michał Budzik

The horizontal sliding gate equipped with a "Nice" automation is a harmonious blend of modernity and classic design. Its elegant form corresponds to traditional style, while the remote control mechanism makes using the gate incredibly convenient.

The structural element of the gate is galvanized steel, ensuring resistance to corrosion and long lifespan. The galvanization process provides excellent protection against moisture, rainfall, and other adverse weather conditions.

The entire structure has been powder-coated - an innovative method where a polymer powder is applied to the metal surface. The powder is then cured at high temperatures, causing it to adhere to the surface, creating a durable and uniform coating. The result of this process is not only the gate's aesthetic appearance but also its resistance to scratches, corrosion, UV radiation, and other atmospheric factors.

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