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A modern steel mezzanine terrace with a glass roof

Architectural solutions can not only fulfill practical functions, but also constitute an aesthetic and modern complement to the living space. We would like to share with you an inspiring terrace roofing project in the form of a mezzanine with a glass roof.

Roofing a terrace is a great way to increase the usable space in your home and an opportunity to create elegant and stylish place to relax. However, choosing glass as a roof finishing material is a solution that not only provides protection against weather conditions, but also allows you to enjoy full access to natural light, giving the entire space a modern and luxurious character.

The roof construction is made of high-quality powder-coated steel. The powder coating process guarantees a durable and weather-resistant finish that not only protects the steel against corrosion, but also ensures an aesthetic appearance for many years. Additionally, powder coating allows for a wide selection of colors, so you can match the roof to the style of your garden or building facade. Thanks to its solid construction and high-quality finish, we can enjoy our terrace for many years, regardless of weather conditions.

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