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Classic closed vertical fence, with a sliding gate

Classic closed vertical fences are not only elements that demarcate property boundaries but also important components of the neighborhood. Their simple lines and uniform structure fit perfectly into various architectural and landscape styles. Nowadays, more and more people are choosing such solutions, combining the traditional appearance of fences with modern technologies such as galvanization and powder coating, ensuring durability for many years.

Sliding Gate: Convenience and Functionality

Sliding gates are a popular choice due to their functionality and ease of use. Additionally, sliding gates are easy to operate, making them an ideal solution for those seeking comfort and convenience in everyday use.

Galvanization: Resistance to Corrosion and Damage

Galvanization is a key step in the fence production process, providing them with durability and resistance to the effects of weather conditions. Coating the metal with zinc protects against corrosion and mechanical damage, resulting in the longevity of the fence even in extreme climatic conditions.

Powder Coating: Aesthetic Appeal and Durability

Powder coating is another element that enhances the durability of the fence and gives it an aesthetic appearance. Powder paint is applied to the metal surface and then cured at high temperatures, creating a durable and scratch-resistant coating. Powder coating is available in a wide range of colors, allowing the fence to be matched to the surroundings' style and individual aesthetic preferences.


Classic closed vertical fences with a sliding gate, galvanized and coated with powder paint, are an excellent combination of tradition and modernity. Thanks to the application of these technologies, these fences not only serve a protective function but are also durable and easy to maintain. This is the ideal solution for those seeking an elegant, sturdy, and functional fence that will serve for many years.

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