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External balustrades with glitter, French balconies

In today's times, when interior design and architecture of outdoor spaces are becoming increasingly sophisticated, external balustrades with a hint of glitter stand out as elements that imbue character and add sophistication and elegance.

Black Galvanized Steel: Solidity and Resistance to weather conditions

Black galvanized steel is known for its exceptional durability and resistance to weather conditions. The galvanizing process allows the steel to be coated with a layer of zinc, protecting it from corrosion and the effects of external factors such as moisture or temperature changes. As a result, balustrades made of this material retain their original appearance for many years, requiring minimal maintenance.

Powder Coating: Aesthetic Appeal and Color Durability

Powder coating is a technique of covering surfaces with powdered paint, which is then cured in a thermal process. It's a robust and durable solution that provides resistance to abrasion and fading. With a rich palette of colors available to choose from, balustrades can be tailored to individual aesthetic preferences and the architectural style of the building.

Glitter: Elegance, Style, and Uniqueness

Adding glitter to the powder-coated surface gives the balustrades a unique character. Passing by the building on a sunny day, the delicate, sparkling particles of glitter on the balustrade create an effect of subtle elegance, emphasizing its uniqueness and setting it apart from replicated patterns.

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