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Fence with CNC pattern, galvanized and powder coated

Fences have historically fulfilled more than just a protective role; they've also been a notable aesthetic feature in both residential and public space. However, with technological advancements, standard steel or wooden fences are evolving into more advanced forms.

CNC Pattern - Individuality in Precision Execution

CNC pattern fences are a revolutionary solution that allows for the creation of almost any pattern or shape. Thanks to precision computer-controlled tools (CNC), it's possible to execute intricate designs that add uniqueness to each fence. Clients can choose from ready-made patterns or design their own, providing unlimited customization options.

Galvanization - Durable Corrosion Protection

Galvanization, coating the metal surface with a layer of zinc, is a crucial process in the production of steel fences, ensuring durable protection against corrosion. The zinc layer protects against atmospheric factors such as rain or moisture, significantly extending the fence's lifespan.

Powder Coating - Aesthetic and Protective in One

Powder coating is another step in ensuring durable protection and aesthetic finishing of the fence. Polyester powder is electrostatically applied to the galvanized surface and then cured at high temperatures, creating a durable, scratch-resistant coating. With a wide range of available colors, clients can match the fence's appearance to their home or surroundings' style.

In summary, CNC patterned fences, galvanized and powder coated, combine innovative technologies with traditional fence functions. They provide not only lasting protection against weather conditions but also add aesthetics and individuality to any environment. Thanks to them, a garden or property becomes not only safer but also more beautiful and personal.

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