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French balconies and railing for a semi-detached building

We present our latest project: French balconies and balcony railing for a semi-detached building. The whole structure has been galvanized and painted black using the powder coating method.

Galvanizing provides them with durable protection against corrosion and the effects of weather conditions, making them not only beautiful but also resistant to external factors for many years. Additionally, powder coating gives them a smooth and uniform surface that is resistant to scratches and other mechanical damage.

French balconies and balcony railing not only serve as a stylish addition to the building but also ensure safety and convenience of use. Their sturdy construction and high-quality finish make them both a decoration and a practical element of any home or apartment, adding unique character and charm to it.

STEP-BUD Czarodziej 🪄 specjalista ds. obróbki metalu 🪄