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Modern and stylish stair railing with irregular filling

Stair railings are not only a functional element ensuring safety, but also play an important role in interior design. One of the interesting solutions is an internal balustrade with irregular filling.

Materials and Construction

This balustrade has been precisely designed, using high-quality steel profiles. The handrail is made of a 40x40 mm profile, while the lower support is a 40x20 mm profile.

The most characteristic element of this project is the irregular filling, which was created using 20x20 mm profiles. This unusual structure gives the balustrade a unique and modern look, while also constituting an interesting decorative element. The shapes and arrangement of profiles create a dynamic composition, introducing a bit of avant-garde to the staircase space.


To make the balustrade durable and emphasize its modern character, the whole thing was covered with intense black paint (9005 from the RAL palette), which perfectly harmonizes with the style of the interior. The powder coating method used in this project not only gives the balustrade an aesthetic appearance, but also serves a protective role, so it will delight with its appearance for many years.

Versatility and functionality

A modern stair railing with irregular filling will work perfectly both in modern, minimalist arrangements and in more classic interiors, adding originality and individual character to them. Its solid construction and aesthetic finish make it an important element of interior design, emphasizing the unique style of the property owner.

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