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Powder-coated metal stair railing in black RAL 9005

A metal interior balustrade in a loft style is a combination of raw industrialism and modern minimalism. Made of durable steel profiles, it adds character and expression to a modern interior. A metal balustrade in a loft style is not only a functional element, but also an artistic accent that gives the interior a unique industrial charm.

The use of powder coating during the implementation of this project not only provides lasting protection against damage, but also gives the balustrade an exceptionally smooth and uniform surface, characteristic of modern arrangements. Resistance to scratches and chips makes it not only an aesthetic, but also a practical element of the interior.

Powder coating is an innovative technology in which powder paint is applied to a metal surface using an electrostatic application method. Then, it is subjected to high temperature, which melts the powder and creates a durable protective layer. The result is an even and smooth coating that is exceptionally resistant to scratches, chips and other mechanical damage.

This balustrade contrasts perfectly with other design elements, adding individuality and character to the interior. Its loft and modern style makes it not only functional protection, but also a clear design accent that attracts attention and gives the interior a unique character.

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