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Steel balustrade + sliding gate + garden gate + fence panels

Explore our latest project with us - a comprehensive undertaking encompassing a sliding gate, a garden gate, fence panels, and powder-coated steel balustrades.

The fence consisting of a sliding gate, a garden gate, and fence panels has been made from sturdy steel profiles, with the front part covered with sheet metal. The galvanized sheet metal has been fastened to the profiles using rivets, ensuring a durable connection between the structural elements. The height of each panel is 25cm, while the spacing (gap) between panels is 5cm.

Both the fence and external balustrades have undergone a two-step surface protection process. Firstly, they underwent galvanization, which involves coating them with a layer of zinc. This step is crucial for ensuring resistance to corrosion and the effects of atmospheric conditions. Zinc forms a sort of armor, protecting the metal structure from rust and other damage caused by exposure to moisture.

Next, powder coating was applied, providing not only style and aesthetic appearance but also an additional protective layer. Powder coating is an advanced technology where paint in powder form is applied to the surface using an electrostatic application method. Then, under the influence of high temperature, the powder melts and bonds to create a durable protective layer. The result is a uniform, smooth coating that is more resistant to scratches, chips, and other mechanical damage.

Thanks to the two-step surface protection process, the fence and balustrades not only maintain their aesthetics for many years but are also fully prepared to withstand harsh external conditions, making them an ideal choice both functionally and visually.

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